Adovabadan Jazz Band

musical ensemble

During the recording sessions of the album Sham (July 2015), Alaa Arsheed met Isaac de Martin founding member of the Adovabadan Jazz Band, a well established band from Treviso that since 2005 has spread jazz and swing in Italy and abroad, appearing in well-known jazz festivals and clubs.

Adovabadan picked up Sham’s unique atmospheres: purely acoustic, exciting and dreamy.

Michele Uliana clarinet, Mauro Brunato banjo, Nicola Barbon doublebass, Remo Straforini drums are the core of the band. The addition of hip-hop singer and songwriter Endi Primo on vocals creates the show called Mani Forti (Strong Hands).

Band members:

Alaa Arsheed – violin

Michele Uliana – clarinet

Isaac de Martin – guitar

Mauro Brunato – banjo

Nicola Barbon – doublebass

Remo Straforini – drums

Endi Primo MC – vocals

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