Amin Wahidi

documentary film-maker

Amin Wahidi is a Kabul born Afghan-Italian film director based in Milan. While in Afghanistan, Amin Wahidi worked for ATN (Ariana Television Network) producing three weekly television shows including one on cinema and another one on English language learning, presenting two of them. In 2007, after making a couple of short films, while working on his first feature film The Keys to Paradise about a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, he received death threats from fundamentalists and had to leave his country. He sought political asylum in Italy, which was granted, and he eventually became an Italian citizen in 2016. In Italy he has made short films including The Guest, winner of the Venice City Award in 2014, a feature fiction The Persian Dinner (2015) and a feature documentary Behind Venice Luxury which won another Venice City Award in 2017. He has studied cinematography in Luchino Visconti Film and Television School of Milan.

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