Anne-Marie Tomchak

UK editor Mashable

Anne-Marie Tomchak is the UK Editor of Mashable, a media and entertainment company at the forefront of tech, science and digital culture. She has spent over a decade reporting and presenting for national and international broadcasters including the BBC, RTE, Deutsche Welle, American Public Media and NPR. In 2013, Anne-Marie launched the social media investigative unit BBC Trending. During her time at the corporation, she also developed the mobile video offering on the BBC News app and fronted their live social broadcasts. Anne-Marie is one of the leading digital media voices contextualizing the role of technology in the modern world. In the past year she has made two TV documentaries for Ireland's national broadcaster RTE One -- including Cloud Control: Who Owns Your Data? about big data and digital fingerprints and Will A Robot Steal My Job on how artificial intelligence and automation will impact the work force.

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