Antonella Sinopoli

founder AfroWomenPoetry

Antonella Sinopoli, a journalist, has been focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa for years. She founded the AfroWomenPoetry project to "narrate the female universe in a changing Africa" through the poetic voices of women.

She co-founded a project on Africa and mental health. She is a co-author of the podcast "Parole in folle" and co-organizer of the homonymous slam poetry and spoken word show with artists from Africa. She curated the collection of the first contemporary African poet published in Italy, "Terre che piangono" (Interlinea, 2023). She has conducted courses and seminars on biases related to the continent, on information about and from Africa, and on the communicative models of Western media.

Author of "White Arrogance: What Africans Say About What Whites Think of Them" (Quintadicopertina, 2017), she has implemented development and women's empowerment projects in rural villages in Ghana. For years, she was an editor for Adnkronos and has written for various publications.

She lives between Italy and Ghana.

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