Bosko Jaksic


Boško Jakšić was born in Belgrade where he graduated from the Faculty of Economics. He joined the Serbian daily Politika in 1972 and soon after went to the foreign desk. He travelled extensivly around the world reporting and interviewing prominent figures. As a war correspondent he covered the Middle East, Asia and Africa. He spent one year in Washington D.C. as Alfred Friendly fellow with The Washington Post, five years as a Middle East correspondent based in Cairo and four years in Rome. He was foreign editor and Editor-in-Chief of Politika. He retired in 2014 but has continued writing as a senior columnist covering foreign, regional and domestic affairs.

He is also a regular contributor to Radio Free Europe, the BBC, Al-Jazeera, Deutche Welle, the Skopje daily Nova Makedonija, the Slovenian daily Vecer, and various regional and Serbian radio and TV stations. He’s also member of the European Movement in Serbia.

Politika is published in Belgrade. Founded in 1904, it is the oldest daily newspaper still in circulation in the Balkans and is considered by some to be the newspaper of record.

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