Carolina Are

Manifest PR

Carolina Are is a 22-year-old Italian with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from City University, London. She works for Manifest PR and has previously worked with world PR giant Golin and for the W Communications media team, representing some of the United Kingdom's major print titles (Independent, Evening Standard) as well as London's hippest restaurants through social media, press releases and journalism relations.

During her final year at university, she was headhunted on LinkedIn by graduate recruitment firm Futureboard Consulting to manage their social media. At the same time, she co-launched The Charta, a 'slow news' website, on Kickstarter. She's the creator of the three-year-old London's Calling - Londra Chiama blog. She has now closed it to work on Couchsurfer Reviews, a bi-lingual website she started on her two-month Couchsurfing trips across the United States. Her undergraduate dissertation, focusing on how journalists reported on the death of Margaret Thatcher on Twitter, was accepted by media conference ECREA 2014 in Lisbon.

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