Dave Jorgenson

The Washington Post

In May 2019, Dave Jorgenson launched the @WashingtonPost TikTok channel. The account has gained over 1.5 million followers. For his work on TikTok, he earned two Webby nominations in 2020 and a win in 2021. He was won again in 2022, this time for ‘Best Creator.’ His first year on TikTok was awarded the North American Digital Awards for 'Best Digital Project to Engage Young and/or Millennial Audiences.' He also made the Forbes 30 under 30 list in December 2020. Dave also wrote a book, Make A TikTok Every Day, which includes 365 "prompts" for TikTok. In late 2021, he hired two associated producers for his team. They create two to four TikToks every day, ranging from duets about mass shootings in America to D.C.’s hottest new clubs.

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