Fatimah Hossaini

photographer and refugee activist

Fatimah Hossaini is an Afghan, Tehran-born artist, photographer, curator, exhibitioner, women and refugee activist. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Photography from the University of Tehran. She is the founder of the Mastooraat NGO, a Hypatia International winner, and was a lecturer in the Art Faculty of Kabul University.

Fatimah has been working and advocating as the voice of refugees and women activists on different national and international platforms. She works towards highlighting powerful stories of identity and femininity in Afghanistan and her unique viewpoint into the lives of Afghan women have been featured globally. She specializes in staged photography. Due to her passion and admiration of arts, her works have been featured and displayed in various exhibitions and art festivals in different parts of the world. Additionally, Fatimah’s photographs and articles have been printed and featured in local and international publications.

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