Fiammetta Fabris

CEO UniSalute

Since October 2017 Fiammetta Fabris has been Chief Executive Officer of UniSalute SPA, after having held the position of general director since July 2014, and deputy general manager of the operational area since August 2013. Since July 2016 she has been Chief Executive Officer of UniSalute Servizi SRL. A graduate in Law from the University of Bologna, she specialized in Health Law and subsequently took exams as a solicitor. In the Unipol Group since 1981, she has held various positions in the technical area of ​​the company, always with roles of responsibility, first in the General Civil Responsibility area, then in the sphere of people risks. In 1996 she joined UniSalute as head of the Managed Care technical area and of the Agreement area, in 1999 she took over the position of director of the Production area, and in 2010 she became the company's operating director.

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