Gerardo Balestrieri


Gerardo Balestrieri is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and performer who has released four albums and recorded the forthcoming fifth one, Canzoni nascoste (Hidden Songs). Over the years, he has won numerous awards and collaborated with various artists. Balestrieri participated three times at the Premio Tenco,  winning second place for the record of the year in 2007, 2009 and 2013). He performed all over Europe and in California, collaborating with Daniele Sepe, Bebo Storti, etc. He recorded an album with Mohsen Namjoo, the most popular Iranian singer, he wrote and performed live music for Arturo Brachetti, the famous quick change artist. He composed the soundtrack and played a role in the animated movie Bianco by Radmila Gordic; he arranged and interpreted Cafè Chantant 1915-18 and Shakespeare 'n'blues, both directed by Roberta Reeder. He performed and wrote the music for the silent movie Nosferatu and Assunta Spina. He is the author of the music and accordion player in the "Teatro degli oggetti" of Fulvio Abbate. With nuanced and mature lyrics and a lanky and dark voice, Gerardo Balestrieri likes to play with words without losing sight of the rhythm and dance.

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