Gilles Paris

Le Monde

Gilles Paris is a French journalist and novelist. He joined Le Monde in 1989 and worked first for the political department, covering the Parliament and the non-Gaullist right. Later, he joined the Middle East desk. Based in Paris, he covered the whole region, from Iraq to Yemen and Egypt, before being appointed correspondent in Jerusalem in 2001 at the beginning of the second intifada. Gilles remained in this position until 2006, before returning to Paris to serve successively as deputy head and head of the international department until 2013. After a stint in the Economy department, in charge of the energy sector, he was appointed correspondent in Washington DC in 2014 and covered mainly American politics and diplomacy until 2021. Back in Paris, Gilles joined the Editorial Board while contributing to the launch of Le Monde's English website. During the latest French presidential campaign, he wrote a daily column in English on French politics that has become a weekly one.

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