Mirjana Tomic

Forum Journalismus und Medien

Mirjana Tomić hosts and moderates high-end seminars, panels and interviews on politics and media in Europe for two Vienna-based organisations: Forum Journalismus und Medien (fjum) and Presseclub Concordia. Customised for media and academic researchers, her events address themes related to political developments in Europe, and always focus on understanding the local contexts. Seminar speakers and interviewees count among the most prestigious in their fields: Nobel Prize Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, geopolitical expert Olivia Lazard, Meduza co-founder Galina Timchenko, ICIJ director Gerald Ryle, top Bellingcat investigator Christo Grozev, to name a few. The most prominent European political scientist, Ivan Krastev, is her regular guest in Presseclub Concordia: each year, since 2018, Krastev and Tomic speak about the expectations for the coming year. As a political analyst, Tomić contributes to Judy Dempsey`s Strategic Europe blog (Carnegie Europe).

Formerly, Tomic worked as a political analyst for different thinktanks in Austria and Spain and delivered lectures on international media coverage, including war reporting, at universities in Austria, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Germany, and other countries. As a journalist, she worked as a correspondent for the Spanish daily El País, covering the wars in former Yugoslavia, the fall of Communist regimes in Romania and Albania, as well as armed conflicts in Mexico. As a commentator, she collaborated with the BBC-Latin American Service and Radio Svizzera di Lingua Italiana. Her reportages and analyses were published in La Repubblica, the International Herald Tribune (now The New York Times), El Mundo, Foreign Policy, Il Piccolo, Jot Down, etc.

Tomic holds a BA degree in Political Science (Brandeis University, US), a degree in International Relations (The Johns Hopkins University, SAIS, Bologna, Italy) and an MA in Political Science (El Colegio de México, Mexico City, Mexico).

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