Ibrahim Nehme

founder and editor The Outpost

Ibrahim Nehme is the founder and editor-in-chief of The Outpost magazine. Three years ago, he quit the advertising world and founded The Outpost. Published from Beirut and dubbed 'a magazine of possibilities', The Outpost is a quarterly print publication that aims to ignite a socio-cultural renaissance in the Arab world through inspiring its readers to explore a world of possibilities. Soon after its launch in September 2012, the publication was considered to be one of the most successful independent magazine launches in the Arab world and was nominated for Best New Magazine and Best Magazine Design at the Magpile Magazine Awards. Later the Guardian referred to it as 'a successor to the Economist', Buzzfeed named it as one of fifteen small printed magazines you need to read, and it was selected on Monocle Radio as one of the top three magazines of 2015.

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