Iona Craig

freelance journalist

Iona Craig is a British-Irish freelance investigative journalist. Since 2010 her work has focused on Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula. Iona was based in Sana'a from 2010 through 2014 as The Times (of London) Yemen correspondent, covering Yemen’s revolution, America’s growing covert war in the country and the civil war that began in 2014.

Since March 2015, Iona has been the only international journalist to repeatedly cross the front lines to report on both sides of Yemen’s ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis. She regularly returns to the country and to date has traveled over 5,000 miles across Yemen during the course of the war.

Her work from Yemen has won six awards including the 2016 Orwell Prize for journalism as well as the 2016 Kurt Schork Memorial Award for international journalism. In 2014 she received the Martha Gellhorn Prize and the Frontline Club award for print journalism, for her undercover investigative reporting.

Iona is also the spokesperson for the Yemen Data Project (YDP), which collates and disseminates data on the conduct of the war in Yemen with the purpose of increasing transparency and promoting accountability of the actors involved. YDP is collating data on the Saudi coalition air campaign in Yemen from March 2015. In conjunction with the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project, YDP is also collecting data on political violence and protest events across the country.

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