Ivana d'Alessandro

Council of Europe

Ivana d'Alessandro holds a degree in international law (Università Federico II - Napoli, Italy), and a Masters in Human rights (Universidad Carlos III, Madrid) during which she specialised in migrants and refugees' rights. She has worked at the Council of Europe since 2004 where she first integrated the Roma and Travellers Division, focussing on the access of Roma people to social rights through the elaboration and monitoring of National Action Plans. At the same time, she devised, launched and implemented the Council of Europe "Dosta!" communication campaign to fight deep-rooted stereotypes against Roma people.

In 2016 Ms d'Alessandro joined the Intercultural Cities Division where she works as a programme manager for the Intercultural cities Programme, a flagship Council of Europe programme that supports local authorities to design policies based on the application of a novel diversity management model called intercultural integration. Div-A programme is also implemented in that framework.

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