Jack Werner

social media editor Metro Sweden

Jack Werner is a journalist focused on covering web culture and development. He’s social media editor at the Swedish edition of Metro, co-founder of its fact-checking effort Viralgranskaren and monthly columnist for the Swedish half-hour weekly radio program Medierna i P1, covering journalism. In 2011, he co-founded the blog Ajour, a much debated startup company that sought to renew Swedish web journalism, and the same year he was the first citizen to appear on the Twitter account @sweden as a part of a recognized PR campaign. He is the author of Creepypasta: Ghost stories from the Internet (2014).

Jack has been awarded the The Swedish Grand Journalism Prize and Swedish skeptics’ association Vetenskap och folkbildning (Science and Popular Enlightenment) annual prize Enlightener of the Year for his work with Viralgranskaren, an effort that has also inspired similar efforts in Canada and Finland. He’s also gotten an honorary mention from The Swedish Association of Investigative Journalism, for his 2013 article Who is Veronika.

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