Craig Silverman

media editor BuzzFeed News

Craig Silverman

Craig Silverman is media editor of BuzzFeed News and the founder of, a real-time rumor tracker that was developed as part a fellowship with the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University. His work resulted in the Tow report, Lies, Damn Lies and Viral Content: How News Websites Spread (and Debunk) Online Rumors, Unverified Claims and Misinformation. Craig also founded Regret the Error, a blog about media accuracy and the discipline of verification. It became part of the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, where he serves as adjunct faculty.

Craig edited the Verification Handbook and the Verification Handbook For Investigative Journalism from the European Journalism Center. He is a the former managing editor of PBS MediaShift and has been a columnist for The Globe And Mail, Toronto Star, and Columbia Journalism Review. His journalism and books have been honored by the Mirror Awards, National Press Club, National Magazine Awards (Canada), Canadian Online Publishing Awards, and Crime Writers of Canada.

Craig Silverman will speak at the following events:

09:30 - 10:45  thursday 6 april 2017
Hotel Brufani - Sala Raffaello
‘Fake news’ and the misinformation ecosystem
16:00 - 17:00  thursday 6 april 2017
Sala del Dottorato
How to report on lying media-bullying populists?
16:00 - 17:00  friday 7 april 2017
Hotel Brufani - Sala Raffaello
A field guide to fake news

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