Jérome Lambert

documentary film-maker

Jérome Lambert is a French documentary film-maker. His work (co-directed with Philippe Picard) includes documentaries on history (Sonia Gandhi, la tragédie du pouvoir), on prisoners of war and the STO work deportations from France to Germany during the Second World War (J’attendrai – Les prisonniers de guerres 1940-45 and STO, avoir 20 ans sous l’occupation) and also on humour and mockery (Pilote et moi et moi et moi on strip cartoons, Cabu, politiquement incorrect! on the French cartoonist Cabu, murdered in Paris on 07 January 2015 in the attack on the Charlie Hebdo newsroom, and more recently Coluche - Le Luron, morts de rire). Jérome believes that humourists are privileged observers of society, and that their freedom to express what they think is nowadays more necessary than ever.

Jérome graduated in the History of Art from the Sorbonne University in Paris.

His documentaries, all co-directed with Philippe Picard, are the following; Reporters dans la ville (2000), L'Aventure du Musée de l'Homme (2002), Histoire de fictions (2003), Pierre-Paul Rubens, autoportrait en Européen (2004), Sonia Gandhi, la tragédie du pouvoir (2004), Cabu, politiquement incorrect! (2006), La grande Histoire du Gène (2006), Le monde selon Barbie (2008), Les Prêcheurs de l’Apocalypse (2008), Pilote et moi, et moi, et moi (2009), STO, avoir 20 ans sous l’occupation (2010), Ils sentaient bon le sable chaud, les légionnaires (2012), Trait d’union – le rapprochement Franco-Allemand (2013), J’attendrai – Les prisonniers de guerres 1940-45 (2013), Mourir pour la patrie, de l’école aux tranchés (2014) and Coluche - Le Luron, morts de rire (2014).

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