Loic Dachary

free software developer

Loïc Dachary has been involved with the Free Software Movement since 1987, when he started distributing GNU tapes to the general public. The Free Software Foundation gave him an award in 2000 for 14 years of service. Starting 2001 he participated in a number of Free Software projects, leading or contributing. In 2013 he founded Upstream University, a Free Software contribution course which became part of the curriculum of three French state funded universities. From 2014 to 2017 he worked as a developer for the Ceph project, focusing on Erasure Coding and algorithmic data placement. Mid 2017 he became a full time volunteer for SecureDrop, to help a cause with a significant social impact. He has been a driving force in the internationalization of SecureDrop; setup a self hosted transifex equivalent and fostered a community of over 30 translators who collaborated on the first six officially supported languages. Dachary is independently wealthy and focuses on what is right rather than what may eventually turn into an income source.

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