Lucia Annunziata

columnist La Stampa

Lucia Annunziata, journalist, has worked for Il Manifesto and served as a correspondent for La Repubblica in the USA, Central and Latin America, and the Middle East. She was a correspondent in Washington for Corriere della Sera. Currently, she is an columnist for La Stampa.

She has held various leadership positions, including being the director of Tg3 (Rai), director of the Apbiscom agency (the Italian service of the Associated Press), and director of L’Huffpost Italia. She was also the President of RAI Radio Televisione Italiana and hosted the weekly program "Mezz'ora in più" on Rai Tre, focusing on domestic and international politics.

Annunziata is a member of the Aspen Institute and the Scientific Council of the Italian Encyclopedia Treccani. She is the author of several books, including "L’inquilino" (2022), "1977. L’ultima foto di famiglia" (2007), "La Sinistra, l’America, la guerra" (2005), "No" (2002) against the Iraq War, "La Crepa" (1998), "Bassa Intensità" (1982), and "Lavorare stanca" (1977).

In 1992, she was awarded the "Nieman Fellowship" from Harvard University. Among her various awards are "Il Premiolino" for her services during the Iraq War, the Max David Lifetime Achievement Award as a war correspondent, the Malaparte Prize for the book "Bassa Intensità," and the Saint Vincent Prize for "La Crepa." In 2018, she received the Marisa Bellisario for female excellence, the career award from the May Chidiac Foundation (Lebanon), and the Franco Giustolisi career award.

In May 2023, Annunziata left Rai, expressing dissent "on the merits and methods, particularly in the intervention on Rai," with the new Meloni government. The government in Italy serves as the publisher of the Public Service, Rai.

She currently hosts a weekly program on Saturday mornings on Radio24.


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