Margaret Stenhouse

journalist and author

Scots-born Margaret Stenhouse has lived in Italy for most of her adult life. During her long career in journalism, she has contributed to several guide books on Italy, including The Romans' Guide to Rome, Rome in Detail and, for the past seven years, the American Fodor's Guide to Rome and the Fodor's Guide to Italy. The former Italian correspondent for The Glasgow Herald (Scotland's foremost daily), she has worked as a freelance for The Scotsman, The International Herald Tribune and The Courier, as well as Italian-based English language publications, including Wanted in Rome, The Italian Insider and The American. In the past, she edited the English Supplement of the Italian tourism magazine Turismo Attualità, while at present she coordinates the British-based website which concentrates on highlighting lesser known aspects, places and events in Italy. She is the author of two books on mythology and history: The Goddess of the Lake and The Lost Ships of Nemi. She lives in the Castelli Romani near Rome. Her interests are art, archaeology, music, Italian food and “discovering” the lesser known borghi and places of interest - of which Italy abounds!

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