Maria Vitoria Ramos

executive director Fiquem Sabendo

Maria Vitória Ramos is the Executive Director of Fiquem Sabendo, the only data agency in Brazil specialized in the Freedom of Access to Information Act (FOIA - LAI). As a 23-year-old media entrepreneur, she is also an ambassador for Chicas Poderosas.

Graduated in Journalism from the Faculdade Cásper Líbero, Maria Vitória is a former human rights reporter for Ponte Jornalismo. She is the author of Indigentes: the State that buries without warning, an investigative book about the heartbreaking system that keeps families looking for supposedly missing people for years, when they have been buried by the government.The book was chosen by the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism (Abraji) as one of the best pieces of 2019. Fiquem Sabendo has over 600 publications with exclusive data harvested from the government. Its datasets are all free of charge so that every journalist and citizen can make the best out of it. Fiquem Sabendo, has been cited at least 340 times in printed, digital, and TV news outlets all over the country, from local websites in Amazonas to HBO and BBC.

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