Matteo Scanni

Catholic University J-School

Matteo Scanni is director of studies of the Università Cattolica Journalism School in Milan and editor of the bi-monthly Italian anthropology review Achab. He writes for the Italian business weekly Il Mondo and has done investigative journalism on issues as varied as the dangers of asbestos, illegal waste disposal and industrial espionage for the Italian daily Corriere della Sera and the Italian weekly l’Espresso. He is the producer of short documentaries on prison newspapers (Stampa libera), on work cooperatives of prisoners (Lavorare dietro le sbarre), on the waiting lists for council houses (Un tetto soprattutto) and a portrait of the author Bruno Brancher (Bruno Brancher, tra mala e poesia). He is the winner together with his students of the 2004 Sodalitas award for social journalism for the documentary on the daily life of those with limited vision (Tutti i colori del buio). He is co-director with Ruben H. Oliva of the reportages Il paese del maiale (finalist of the 2005 Ilaria Alpi award) and 'O Sistema, winner of the 2006 Ilaria Alpi award), author of the radio monologue Il giornalista invisibile and co-author and actor with Angelo Miotto and Gianluigi Gherzi of the play Errata corrige. Il giornale a teatro on the subject of news ignored by the mainstream media. His latest book, co-authored with Leonardo Brogioni and Angelo Miotto, is L'Italia chiamò (2009).

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