Matteo Tacconi

freelance journalist

Matteo Tacconi is a freelance journalist specialising in the culture, economy, society and politics of central and eastern Europe, the Balkans and the countries of the former USSR. His articles have been published in EuropaLimesEastStudioResetNarcomafieIL and Il Venerdì di Repubblica. He is an OCSE electoral observer.

He is the author of Kosovo (2008) and C'era una volta il muro (2009), and co-author with Matteo Ferrazzi of Me ne vado a Est (2012).

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Events in past editions
#IJF13 / 27 april 2013

Lessons in paid content

A presentation by Tomas Bella on Piano Media’s national payment system and the lessons learned in the two years since the first system was implemented. Tomas will also talk about the steps needed ...