Michela Balocchi

researcher and co-founder Intersexioni

Michela Balocchi, PhD in Sociology and Political Sociology; Marie Curie Fellow (2014-1017) at the American University - Washington, and at the University of Verona, with a project on the Sociological Aspects of the Management and Medicalization of Intersex. She has collaborated with many iniversities (Florence, Bergamo, Perugia, Arezzo, etc.) as lecturer, adjunct professor, and researcher. She has been on the board of the Center of Research PoliTeSse (University of Verona), Politics and Theories of Sexuality, since its formation. She is co-founder of the group Intersexioni and web editor of the namesake website. She has been working on the first multidisciplinary collective book in Italy on intersex issues, as curator, and on a collective book composed of intersex personal stories and histories of intersex organizations, in English, as creator and co-curator. Here are some of her publications.

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