Nicoletta Crisponi

travel content creator

Nicoletta Crisponi is a travel content creator. She did her first solo journey at the age of 17 and after this experience, she never stopped travelling. In December 2016 she left Italy for one year with a specific goal: travel all around the world to demonstrate that thanks to social media it was possible to meet friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends everywhere. Facebook, in fact, released an algorithm that said that thanks to the new network developed the degrees of separation between people decrease to 3 1/2. This has been the best way to explore 32 countries with locals ready to open the doors of their home and get deeper into the different cultures. She opened a blog ( and through social media, she kept trace of the trip with multi-platform storytelling. Now it has been three years of travel stories and she is up to make an important rebranding focusing on social impact and sustainability.

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