Dmitry Shishkin

digital development editor BBC World Service

Dmitry Shishkin is BBC World Service Digital Development Editor. He is responsible for developing and implementing the digital growth and engagement strategy for all BBC's 40 non-English foreign language new services. As part of recent UK government investment in BBC World Service, he is running its digital stream creating more than 300 jobs across the world and investing millions of pounds in digital editorial output globally.

See for reference his July 2017 article entitled Five lessons I learned while digitally changing BBC World Service.

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Dmitry has worked in various senior editorial development roles for the digital section of BBC News. His digital expertise is in international developing markets, on the intersection of editorial, product and strategy areas.

All of this projects are aimed at driving innovation and developing new ways of reaching audiences, increasing engagement across the world and - crucially - driving digital culture change in newsrooms.

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