Emma Thomasson

media consultant

Emma Thomasson is a British journalist, consultant and trainer based in Germany. She offers consultancy, coaching and facilitation, specialising in leadership, communication, strategy and workplace wellbeing.

During a long career at Reuters, she helped run a peer network to support colleagues suffering from stress and trauma including by running workshops on burnout and resilience. She also supported the creation of a new strategy to promote more diversity in the company and set up a global mentoring programme.

Since then, she trained in executive coaching, facilitation and visual notetaking and is now dedicated to helping organisations, executives and entrepreneurs promote creativity and innovation, as well as transform working environments to unlock the full potential of teams.

She previously worked for Reuters as a correspondent and bureau chief in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, South Africa and the UK. She has reported on a wide range of topics including business, technology, economics, politics and international law.

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