Omar Mohammed

Mosul Eye

Omar Mohammed is a Mosuli historian and civil society practitioner best known for his work documenting the horrors of life under ISIS rule as the anonymous blogger Mosul Eye. His focus has now shifted to developing civil society, having transformed Mosul Eye into a collective of citizen activists and a global platform for the world to interact with and support the city’s recovery. As a historian, he focuses his scholarly work on conceptual history and research dealing with local historiographies and narratives, micro-histories and Orientalism. Omar is a regular media commentator on Iraq, has an MA in Middle East History from the University of Mosul, and was named 2013 Researcher of the Year by Iraq’s Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. His doctoral research in Europe explores history and historians in 19th and 20th century Mosul. He was also a 2018 Yale Greenberg World Fellow.

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