Pascal Ruffenach

CEO Groupe Bayard

Pascal Ruffenach is the CEO of Groupe Bayard, a top French publishing and media group, independently owned since 1873. With 120 newspapers and magazines, 4 million subscribers, and 800 new books each year, Bayard is leading in three markets: youth publications («1 French child out of 2 reads our magazines»), Christian publications (La Croix) and senior publications (Notre Temps). Ruffenach, after teaching philosophy and studying business administration (he is a graduate of HEC) has built all his career at Bayard, with a special emphasis on creating strong bonds with its readers/members and developing the group internationally. Today 25% of Bayard revenues come from outside France, in particular China (80 titles this year). Ruffenach has published poetry and is the author of four novels.

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