Richard Addy

co-founder and director AKAS

Richard Addy is the co-founder and director of AKAS. He is the primary lead in the From Outrage to Opportunity report for the design and analysis of quantitative research and author of the business case for gender equity chapter.

Richard has nearly 30 years’ experience as a strategist and has advised CEOs, organizational leaders, and previously UK government ministers in his role as a government economist. Richard’s client portfolio in news, media and communications includes BBC News, BBC World Service, The Guardian, Channel 4 News/ ITN, EUObserver, BIRN, WarnerBros, OECD, The World Bank and IMF. Richard has also developed a comprehensive news impacts framework that is being used by a range of news organizations including the Guardian, NPR, The Telegraph and the Nation Media Group. Prior to setting up AKAS, Richard was the chief adviser on strategic and audience issues to the BBC’s Deputy Director General who was responsible for BBC News locally, nationally and internationally. He is a board member of and a Trustee and co-chair of the Race Equity Committee at Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity.

Richard has a BSc in Economics from Warwick University and an MSc in Economics from Birkbeck College, University of London.

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