Shereena Qazi

Al Jazeera English

Shereena Qazi was born and brought up in Qatar, but has always gone back to where she actually comes from, Afghanistan, especially in an effort to understand the conflict in the country and the human sufferings.

She pursed her undergraduate studies in Journalism at Northwestern University. After graduation, she the travelled to Afghanistan as a freelance journalist, mostly working for USAToday online. While in the country, she worked for Euronews, Mediadante Productions based in London and Al Jazeera. Her work included reporting and writing stories for the website and producing news packages for TV. But most of her time was spent working as a producer for Mediadante on long-form documentaries in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Since 2015, she has covered Afghanistan and Pakistan extensively for Al Jazeera English online. She has also embedded with the Taliban in Afghanistan and has had exclusive access to them in Qatar with the result that Al Jazeera online is always among the first in reporting about issues related to them. She has also covered poverty, lack of education and other human interest stories from the country.

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