Simon Galperin

director Community Information Cooperative

Simon Galperin is the Customer Success Lead at GroundSource and Director of The Community Information Cooperative.

GroundSource is an engagement technology company and agency that works with news organizations and community-centered brands around the world to help them cultivate and sustain communities. The GroundSource platform lets journalists and community managers build and deploy automated conversations that scale one-on-one, human interaction – not replace it.

The Community Information Cooperative is a nonprofit leading development of new models of public funding and community participation in local news and information. The Community Info Coop provides strategic and coordinating support to local governments, journalism organizations, and community organizers exploring ways to sustain public service journalism in their communities.

Galperin is a 2019 fellow at the Reynolds Journalism Institute and graduate of the social journalism program at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism.

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