Natalia Viana

co-founder and executive director Agência Pública

Natalia Viana is the co-founder and executive director of Agência Pública, Brazil’s first nonprofit investigative journalism outlet. She leads long-term investigations and multimedia projects about human rights violations and her team has won 70 awards for its excellence in journalism. A 2022 Nieman Fellow at Harvard, she has dedicated the last year to devise new ways of investigating and analyzing misinformation, bringing together knowledge from journalism and academia. Natalia led Agencia Pública’s coverage of the Brazil elections and its aftermath from the angle of disinformation campaigns. Natalia is a board member of the Gabo Foundation, an organization founded by the Colombian writer Gabriel García Márquez dedicated to promoting better journalism and the stimulation of creativity, and of the Center of Media Integrity of the OAS. She is also the president of the Associação de Jornalismo Digital (Ajor), an association of digital media start-ups in Brazil whose mission is to strengthen independent, sustainable and diverse journalism in the country.

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