Steffen Leidel

Deutsche Welle Akademie

Steffen Leidel has more than fifteen years journalism experience in print, radio, television and online. Specialized in multimedia journalism, Leidel has won several awards including the prestigious Axel Springer Prize for young journalists

Fluent in Spanish, Leidel has reported extensively from Latin America. His language fluency was acquired in Spain, where Leidel lived for five years while completing a masters degree in translation and interpreting. He also has a journalism degree from the University of Dortmund in Germany.

In 2002 Leidel started working primarily for Deutsche Welle's 'digital media department' where he was responsible for the planning and production of multimedia special reports. Since 2005 he has been working as a journalism trainer and project manager responsible for Latin America, with a focus on Bolivia. for Deutsche Welle Akademie, Germany's leading organization for media development and consultation.

In his current position at DW Akademie, Leidel is a trainer, consultant and project manager for digital journalism and is also responsible for e-learning. In December 2013, Leidel organized a successful open online workshop on Digital Security for Journalists. He is also responsible for onMedia, a blog offering training tools and information for journalists in developing and emerging countries.

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