Temesghen Debesai

freelance journalist

Temesghen Debesai

Temesghen Debesai, a London-based freelance journalist moved to the UK in 2006, exiled from his home country of Eritrea. He is one of the founding members of the first ever English news production for that country’s state-owned television station. While in Eritrea, Temesghen interviewed world dignitaries including former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and former US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld during their visits. Since moving to London, Temesghen has freelanced for the Thompson Reuters Foundation and has also worked for an online African sports news channel as a news writer and presenter. Temesghen will speak about the challenges exiled journalists face coming into the UK and hoping to pursue a career in journalism. He will also shed light on how social media plays a crucial role in allowing journalists like himself to continue to connect with their respective audiences.


IJF 2018

Temesghen Debesai will speak at the following events:


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