Alexios Mantzarlis

The Poynter Institute

Alexios Mantzarlis

Alexios Mantzarlis joined The Poynter Institute to lead the International Fact-Checking Network in September of 2015. In this capacity he writes about fact-checking, trains fact-checkers (online and offline) and organizes conferences on fact-checking. He previously served as Managing Editor of Pagella Politica and FactCheckEU, respectively Italy's main political fact-checking website and the EU's first multilingual crowd-checking project. He has presented fact-checking segments on Italian TV and led seminars on fact-checking around the world. Before becoming a fact-checker he worked for the United Nations and the Italian Institute for International Political Studies.

Alexios Mantzarlis will speak at the following events:

09:30 - 10:45  thursday 6 april 2017
Hotel Brufani - Sala Raffaello
‘Fake news’ and the misinformation ecosystem
12:00 - 13:00  thursday 6 april 2017
Palazzo Sorbello
Fact-checking on TV: the importance of format
14:00 - 15:00  friday 7 april 2017
Sala del Dottorato
Fact-checking in the age of Trump

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