Festival workshops & presentations

Aron Pilhofer of The New York Times, Doree Shafrir of Buzzfeed, Emily Bell of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism in New York are just three of the many international speakers who will participate in workshops and presentations at the 2013 International Journalism Festival, as well as many personalities of the Italian publishing and media scene. In a series of multi-thematic events related to innovation in the journalistic landscape, old paradigms will be kindly put to bed and new instruments will be discussed.

Topics include the big thing of online information, the irruption of social media in news distribution and the rise of the so-called “social TV,” the new issue of the aggregation of content, the transition towards the digital through the words of the protagonists and the approach to new responsive models, the live story and storytelling and, of course, data journalism. Other subjects range from the critical communicability of “Europe” as protagonist to violence against women, or the legal aspects of the professional and amateur practice of online journalism, live coverage in emergency situations, fact-checking, liquid and “hyperlocal” newsrooms looking for a digital first strategy.

This series of free events – no reservations and while seats last – will enliven the Festival for five days giving a complete and updated picture of the worldwide journalistic debate.

Note that the workshops/presentations specific to data journalism and ONA have been covered in previous posts.


Blogs and legal issues
Elda Brogi (Robert Schuman Centre), Gennaro Carotenuto (University of Macerata), Giulio Enea Vigevani (University of Milan)

Reporting on earthquakes with a data-driven approach
Ettore Di Cesare (co-founder Openpolis), Gabriel Khan (USC Annenberg J-school), Guido Romeo (Wired), Elisabetta Tola (founder formicablu)

– In association with the European Commission – Rerpresentation in Italy 
Work: is there still room for the young?
The future: the data-driven economy
Citizen rights: the end of democracy?

Is multi-newsroom cooperation the future of live blogging?
Douglas Arellanes (co-founder Sourcefabric), Bertrand Pecquerie (CEO Global Editors Network), Aron Pilhofer (editor interactive news The New York Times), Mario Tedeschini Lalli (Gruppo L’Espresso)

Translating Italy
Marco Castelnuovo (La Stampa), Tonia Mastrobuoni (La Stampa), Marina Petrillo (director Radio Popolare), Filippo Sensi (deputy editor Europa), Marion Sarah Tuggey (co-author bimboalieno.it)

Digital fact-checking
Nicola Bruno (co-founder effecinque), Johanna Vehkoo (editor Long Play)

Violence against women, words against deeds
Emily Bell Tow (director Tow Center Digital Journalism), Stefania Ulivi (Corriere della Sera), Lauren Wolfe (director WMC’s Women Under Siege)

Interviewing: reporting the unspeakable
Gavin Rees (director Dart Centre Europe)

Making decisions in difficult or dangerous situations
Stuart Hughes (BBC News), Gavin Rees (director Dart Centre Europe), Hannah Storm (director INSI)

Live blogging: how to create real-time multimedia storytelling
Lillo Montalto Monella (ScribbleLive)

Liquid news, mobile news, user experience: responsive content design
Raffaele Boiano (information architect), Andrea Iannuzzi (editor AGL)

Behind the scenes at an iPad newspaper: Repubblica Sera
Luca Fraiola (La Repubblica), Andrea Iannuzzi (editor AGL)


Buzzfeed – the rise of social storytelling
Doree Shafrir (executive editor Buzzfee)

COLORS: making the news
Patrick Waterhouse (editor COLORS magazine)

Can a crowd investigate?
Heather Brooke (activist and author), Paul Lewis (The Guardian)

The new search paradigm
Frederik Fischer (founder and CEO Tazaldoo)

How do they hide? Proxies, lawyers and dummy companies
Heather Brooke (activist and author), Paul Radu (executive director OCCRP)

Access law
Heather Brooke (activist and author)

Environmental investigative journalism: from waste trafficking to food frauds
Cecilia Anesi (co-founder IRPI), Guia Baggi (co-founder IRPI), Lorenzo Bodrero (co-founder IRPI), Heather Brooke (activist and author), Mara Monti (IRPI), Giulio Rubino (freelance journalist), Leo Sisti (executive director IRPI)

How Twitter, Facebook and Muck Rack have changed journalism forever
Gregory Galant (co-founder & CEO Sawhorse Media)

Save your newsroom with one click
Douglas Arellanes (co-founder Sourcefabric)

Newsmodo – source or sell news
Rakhal Ebeli (founder Newsmodo)

News as signal – the Liquid Newsroom, a real time web sonar
Steffen Konrath (editor Liquid Newsroom)

LinkedIn for journalists
Marcello Albergoni (country manager LinkedIn Italy)

Lessons in paid content
Tomas Bella (CEO Piano Media), Matteo Tacconi (freelance journalist)

How to start a news agency in a war zone in 8 days
Brian Conley (director Small World News)