During the Wired Next Festival 2014 - the event mostly remembered for the blitz of taxi drivers against Uber Italy - it was explained, in a few hours, how a newsroom can be equipped with a new editorial resource: a system of anonymous whistleblowing. On that occasion, the IRPI group, along with journalists of Wired, proposed the idea of ExpoLeaks. It was not a technology to be installed, but an editorial process to be scheduled.

Following the workshop, an analysis of the risk and the information needed to solicit was made, a crowdfunding campaign was started, promotional materials and dedicated graphics were prepared. After three months, thanks to ExpoLeaks, it was discovered that the assignment of the ticketing service for Expo 2015 in Milan had not gone through a real public tender notice.

To be visible to potential whistleblowers, to launch a successful initiative and to get the right information is a complex process. It consists of various activities, including discerning simple secrets from circumstantial reports and managing sources during the anonymous and confidential exchange of information, with the technologies promoted by Edward Snowden. These are the issues that will be discussed during the workshop.

If you plan to participate because you are curious, if you already have an idea for a useful project or if you think that it could be the right tool for your job, your journalistic group or association, let us know that you will participate and share with us your idea by sending an email to projects@logioshermes.org. We will discuss it during the workshop.