Fabio Pietrosanti

president Hermes Center

Fabio Pietrosanti has been part of the hacking digital underground with the nickname “naif” since 1995, while he’s been a professional working in digital security since 1998. President and co-founder of the Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights, he is active in many projects to create and spread the use of digital tools in support of freedom of expression and transparency.

Member of Transparency International Italy, owner of Tor’s anonymity nodes, Tor2web anonymous publishing nodes, he is among the founders of the anonymous whistleblowing GlobaLeaks project, nowadays used by investigative journalists, citizen activists and the public administration for anti-corruption purposes. He is an expert in technological innovation in the field of whistleblowing, transparency, communication encryption and digital anonymity.

As a veteran of the hacking and free software environment, he has participated to many community projects such as Sikurezza.org, s0ftpj, Winston Smith Project, Metro Olografix, among others. Professionally, he has worked as network security manager, senior security advisor, entrepreneur and CTO of a startup in mobile voice encryption technologies.

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