What happens when superstition takes hold of an entire society? This is the “Smoke Ghosts” effect: irrational beliefs become dramatically real and provoke international crises, panic on the markets, military conflicts.

From the cults of the Caribbean to the the rituals of Mexican drug traffickers to the mass fears in the deep heart of the United States: “Smoke Ghosts” is an hour and a half of stories of everything that happens outside our borders, in the company of reporters, photojournalists, special guests and live music.

Oltreconfine (Beyond these borders) is the first live show on facts and stories from abroad: reporters, photographers, actors, musicians, academics and special guests take turns on stage to explore,with the audience or course, significant events from around the world.

Giampaolo Musumeci, the voice of Nessun luogo è lontano on Radio24, is the narrator. An Informant production.