Lucia Capuzzi


Lucia Capuzzi was born in Cagliari in 1978, where she graduated in Political Science. She then did a doctorate in the History of Political Parties and Movements at Urbino University and she studied the Italian emigration in Argentina after the Second World War. Based on this study, she published The imagined frontier: social and political analysis of Italian emigration in Argentina after the Second World War (2006). From 2004, she decided to become a journalist, attending a Masters at Cattolica University of Milan, with a dream: reporting on the reality of her beloved Latin America. She works at the International Affairs Desk of the Italian newspaper Avvenire, covering Latin American affairs. Before this, she worked on the science news programme Leonardo of the Italian public service broadcaster RAI. She is the author of Red Blood Coca (San Paolo, 2013), Colombia – the (un)finished war (2012), Haiti. The broken Silence (2010) and co-author with Nello Scavo of Adiós Fidel – Faith and opposition in Castro’s Cuba (2011).

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