Riccardo Venturi


Riccardo Venturi began his career working on Italian and European social issues like illegal immigration and the rise of nazi movements in Germany, or the early years of democracy in Albania.

In the mid 1990s his attention was mainly drawn towards countries in conflict, such as the civil war in Afghanistan and in Kosovo, for which he was awarded with the World Press Photo in 1997 and the Leica Honorable Mention in 1999. Ever since, he has worked for several Italian and international magazines, constantly travelling in Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America.

In the 2000s Riccardo Venturi kept on working with personal investigations and he has often worked for, and in collaboration with, the most important humanitarian agencies in the world. He realized in collaboration with the World Health Organization a photographic project about the spread of tuberculosis through the world and he has been involved in a project assigned by ANMIL (the Italian national association gathering people who have been seriously injured at work) about the so called “white deaths”, work-related deaths and accidents.

More recently, Riccardo Venturi covered the earthquake in Haiti and its aftermath and kept on following the country throughout 2011. With his project Haiti Aftermath, Venturi received awards such as the World Press Photo first prize General news, the Luis Vultena Award second prize, the Sophot Award, a Picture of the Year Award honorable mention, a Sony World Photography finalist and a Care International Award finalist. In 2015 the Haiti Aftermath project was published by Peliti Associati and Dewi Lewis Publishing, both in Italian and in English.

In 2016 he worked on the project Italians and the UK- A Love Story, about Italian immigration in the UK, in collaboration with National Geographic and sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Riccardo Venturi has been represented by the Contrasto photo agency since 2001.

His books include Sette minuti (2000), Afghanistan il nodo del tempo (2004), No- Al dramma degli incidenti sul lavoro (2009), Da Estambul a El Cairo (2009), DPR 448 (2014), Haiti Aftermath (2015) and Italians and the UK-A Love Story (Peliti Associati, 2016).

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