As journalism continues its radical metamorphosis, many legacy and small-scale publications express interest in, or seek to incorporate, work made by artists. Yet, the impulse of many editors and publishers is to instrumentalize art and artists, using their work to illustrate or decorate stories and missing the potential power art can have in editorial works. As web publications' popularity over print continues, meaningful collaboration between journalists and artists who use technology and have thought deeply about how to tell their stories on digital platforms can help journalists ensure their work is consumed in the most authentic way possible . This panel consists of artists, journalists and editors who have worked directly with publications to make art, write stories, and to provide artists with a space to voice their distinctive viewpoints on world events and urgent issues. Here, audiences can learn directly from the panelists on ways to integrate the arts into their publications in ways that further knowledge and learning, and tap the potential of art as an explanatory and disruptive force.