Antonella Tognazzi

wife of David Rossi

Antonella Tognazzi has been investing energy and resources for ten years in the search for the truth about what happened to her husband, David Rossi. She initially attempted to help the magistrates of Siena by sharing her doubts with them, providing insights into David's life and whatever she felt could be useful but in July 2013, then just four months after her husband's death, she discovered that prosecutors she was assisting to find out what had happened to David were actually investigating against her and her lawyer, Luca Goracci. She has since begun a battle through numerous consultants to prove suicide was the least credible hypothesis. In 2015 she was even taken to trial by the prosecutors; she was fully acquitted. Even today, after almost ten years, she is waiting for the truth because what has so far been written in Siena is now certified as simply not credible.

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