Arianna Pagani

freelance photojournalist

Arianna Pagani is a freelance photographer. She graduated from the L.A.B.A Fine Arts Academy of Brescia in 2011 and completed a Masters degree in Photojournalism with Obiettivo Reporter in Milan in 2014. In 2013 he founded the Met Levi space, a photography and area store exhibition. She lived in Bosnia where she made several in-depth reports and subsequently in Turkey where she documented the post-Gezi Park uprisings in the city of Istanbul and Diyarbakir. In Tunisia she made a report on the young Tunisians lost at sea ​​and since 2014 has documented the Iraq war. She followed the taking of the city of Raqqa in the north of Syria in 2017 and currently continues her work in Kurdistan and Iraq.

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