Carola Solé

freelance journalist

Carola Solé is a freelance reporter and podcaster. She was a foreign correspondent in Latin America for almost a decade. Carola started her career in Venezuela, where she covered two presidential elections and Hugo Chávez’s death. She was the last international journalist to interview Chávez for EFE. In 2013, she moved to Mexico with Agence France-Presse (AFP), where she wrote mostly about drug trafficking, migration and violence. She worked in Brazil until late 2018, where she reported on the crisis that led far-right Jair Bolsonaro to the presidency. With the special report Balas Perdidas (Lost Bullets) about violence in Rio de Janerio's favelas, she won the Premio Petrobras, the most important award for journalists in Brazil, and was a finalist in Premio Gabriel García Márquez and Digital Media Awards LATAM. She is also a producer for the NPR's podcast Radio Ambulante. Carola now lives in Madrid, where she is completing a Masters in Investigative and Data Journalism. She is one of the creators of Verificat, a fact-checking platform in Catalonia, and is also organizing Chicas Poderosas España.

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