Catherine Fieschi

director Global Policy Institute University of London

In September 2019 Catherine Fieschi became Director of the new Global Policy Institute at Queen Mary University of London. The Institute’s aim it to take Queen Mary’s ground-breaking research and its founding values of inclusion, diversity and progress and translate them into policy for the 21st century. From 2005 to 2008 Catherine was Director of the London based think tank Demos. She then founded the research and advisory group Counterpoint of which she is still the Chair.

Widely published in academia and beyond, her research focuses on populist movements and forms of contemporary mobilisation in Europe and across developed economies. Catherine is the author of Populocracy: The Tyranny of Authenticity and the Rise of European Populism (Agenda, 2019) and of In the Shadow of Democracy (MUP, 2004) as well as numerous pamphlets and articles on extremism, populism, and identity politics.

She holds a PhD in Comparative Political Science from McGill University. A longstanding adviser to European political leaders and campaigns, Catherine also advises business and political decision-makers around the world. Catherine has a column in the Chatham House magazine, The World Today, is a former editorial board member of Prospect magazine, and is a regular participant in press, radio and television debates. A dual citizen of France and Canada, Catherine grew up in Senegal, Italy, the United States, France and Canada. She lives in London.

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