Cristiano Carriero

co-founder La Content Academy

Cristiano Carriero is co-founder of La Content Academy and collaborates with Ad Mirabilia in the field of digital PR and influencer marketing. A journalist and blogger, he writes about football and culture for Esquire, Rivista11 and works for SenzaFiltro. He is also a marketing professor at the University of Communication and advertising of Urbino and trainer in the company. He has already published, for Hoepli, Facebook Marketing, Content Marketing, Facebook Marketing for Dummies, Local marketing, Mobile Working, Facebook Marketing Pro and Content Marketing for Dummies.

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Events in past editions
#IJF17 / 6 april 2017

A t(w)it for tat

A T(W)IT FOR TAT A t(wit) for tat competition. Post ... and win a relaxing weekend in Umbria. Social Media and how to use it. Note: the session will be held in Italian. Simultaneous translation int...