Eleonora Voltolina

founder repubblicadeglistagisti.it

Eleonora Voltolina is the founder and editor of repubblicadeglistagisti.it, which offers advice to young people moving from education/training into the workplace (the name of the website is literally republic of the interns). She is the author of La Repubblica degli stagisti – Come non farsi sfruttare (2010), a mix of practical advice and investigative journalism regarding the frequent exploitation of interns in Italy, and Se potessi avere mille euro al mese – l’Italia sottopagata (2012). She is a member of the board of the National Youth Agency, of the board of the Roberto Franceschi Foundation, and president of the Italents association and in 2017 was named Ashoka Fellow by Ashoka, the fifth largest non-governmental organization in the world for innovation and impact according to NGO advisor ranking.

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